Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Content That Sells

    2. How to Make Sales & Attract Clients Online

    3. Social Media Basics & Expert Positioning

    4. How to Create a Memorable Vibe

    5. Bonus Lesson: How to Plan a Photoshoot & Make the Most of it

    6. Bonus call w Nadja Amelie: Sell with confidence & overcome Imposter Syndrome

    1. How Businesses Work & Why People Buy

    2. Understanding your Perfect Client

    3. Creating Your Perfect (Sellable) Offer

    4. Creating Your Perfect Message

    5. From Message to Sexy Pitch

    1. Instagram Content 101

    2. What is G.R.E.A.T. Business Content

    3. A Simple Structure to Write GREAT Captions Every Time

    4. Scroll Stopping Headlines That Get You Attention

    5. Unlocking Ease & Consistency

    6. How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas Again

    7. Deadly Content Mistakes

    1. The Content Conversion Process

    2. GNC Method: The Basis of Content that SELLS

    3. Catnip Content to Attract More Ideal Clients

    4. Opportunity Content to Create Desire

    5. Context Content: Priming for an Investment

    6. How to Solve Common Conversion Blocks

    7. IG Story Content That Sells

    8. Keeping Your Audience HOT 🔥

    1. Your Healthy Launch Mindset

    2. Understanding Launch Phases

    3. Creating a Launchable Offer

    4. Intuitive vs Planned Launching

    5. Strategies to Increase Hype & Momentum

    6. IG Story Launch Content

    1. Batch & Be Done: How to batch a month of content in one afternoon

    2. Bonus: Selling with IG Reels

    3. Bonus: Creating and Delivering Your Offer

    4. Bonus: How to Multiply Your Content Output

    5. Mastering DM Conversations

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  • 37 lessons
  • 11.5 hours of video content

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