Course curriculum

    1. Assessing your Current Offer(s)

    1. A Healthy Mindset for Offer Suite Expansion

    2. Client Growth Journey

    3. Picking the right offer for where your business is right now

    4. Managing Your Offer Suite

    1. Containers, Access, Boundaries & Co.

    2. Mini Products, Resources, and Low Ticket Offers

    3. Creating Kickass Mid-Ticket Scalable Offers That Explode Your Business

    4. LIVE: Are you feature creeping your offers?

    5. Creating Incredible Experiences That Will WOW Your High Ticket Clients

    1. The Biggest Risk Expanding Your Offer Suite

    2. Offer Communication + Clear Differentiation

    3. Validating Offers for Positive Cash Flow

    4. Picking the Right Tech to Deliver Your Offers (+ Bonuses)

    5. LIVE: How to Create Gorgeous Offer Branding in Canva

    1. Pathways to Cash - how to create & hold 100k months (and more)

    2. Allowing More Money to Come In

    3. Making more Money - Effortlessly

    4. Understanding Order Bumps

    5. Bundles that Actually Sell

    6. Incentive Based Pricing to Maximize Client Lifetime Value

    7. The Shameless Plug & Intentional Upselling

    8. How to Build Recurring Income

About this course

  • 23 lessons
  • 8 hours of video content

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